My name is Donald and I live in Southern Germany.

What I like most about my home town is definitely the hilly countryside and the four seasons.

But I also love to travel to other places, meeting people around the world.

In the photo gallery you will find a few impressions of some of my trips.


When I was preparing my first pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in 2010, I got very excited about it. I was thankful in getting as much information and impressions as possible.

Meanwhile I am able to provide my own photos to pilgrims and to those who might be interested in.

Therefore, I have decided to launch a website publishing pictures of my trips — particularly photos of the Camino de Santiago, but also of some other places.


This website is called Lonely Creek. It supposed to symbolize the peacefulness and the origin of nature in a holistic approach. A place of contemplation where we can simply be and find ourselves. A place that allows us experiencing a raw look on the reality of our personal life, the battle between inner conflicts as well as pure joie-de-vivre.


I invite you to join a virtual journey to some rather unknown places …