Camino Sanabrés / Mozárabe Norte

On the way to Campobecerros, Southeast Galicia, Spain
On the way to Campobecerros, Southeast Galicia, Spain

The Camino Sanabrés / Mozárabe Norte  extends the Vía de la Plata to Santiago de Compostela. Pilgrims who walk the ancient Roman route from Seville or Mérida have the opportunity to leave the Vía de la Plata in Granja de Moreruela north of Zamora, taking the Camino Sanabrés to Puebla de Sanabria and continuing on the northern section of the Camino Mozárabe. Once in Galicia, it goes through the provinces of Ourense, Pontevedra and A Coruña to Santiago de Compostela.


In contrast to the rather flat Vía de la Plata, this trail is characterized by its mountain landscape. Pilgrims are challenged by a number of mountain passes and rewarded with outstanding views. An excursion to the hilltop of the historical center of Puebla de Sanabria should not be missed. The same goes for the freely accessible As Burgas hot springs, which are located directly in the center of the city of Ourense, whose thermal water and natural heat are fed directly by a volcano below the city.


When crossing the bridge to Santiago’s suburb Angrois, pilgrims may pay tribute to the 78 victims who died in the train accident on St. James Day, July 25, 2013.



Camino Sanabrés / Mozárabe Norte:  Granja de Moreruela — Santiago de Compostela, 370 kilometers


Upstream Caminos:

Vía de la Plata:  Seville — Mérida — Granja de Moreruela, 610 kilometers

Camino de Levante:  Valencia — Zamora — Granja de Moreruela, 760 kilometers

Camino Mozárabe (Sur/Central):  Granada — Mérida — Granja de Moreruela, 800 kilometers

Photographs taken in 2018. © Donald Walter.