Bolfan Vinski Vrh Winery

Vineyards at East Zagorje, Croatia
Vineyards at East Zagorje, Croatia

Since ancient times, the Zagorje region has not only been known for its beautiful scenery, but also for the hospitality of its hosts. The Zagorci people composed the well-known Croatian folk song "Welcome, my friend!", in which hospitality is honored and conviviality, warmth and kindness towards guests are expressed.


The Bolfan Winery offers a series of events that take place at the winery or in the immediate vicinity, with the aim of delighting visitors in some of Zagorje's traditions.


Bolfan's four-star guesthouse Vinski Vrh not only impresses with its first-class amenities, but also with its unique location on top of the long ridge of the vineyard.

In addition to the home-made high-quality wines, the kitchen of the house serves creative dishes exclusively using ingredients and seasonal food from surrounding family farm businesses.

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Photographs taken in 2014. © Donald Walter.